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Books & Other Library Materials: Borrowing Books

Borrow a Book Located in Falk Library

Most books of the Health Sciences Library System are available for loan to students, staff, and faculty of the University of Pittsburgh, and UPMC residents and fellows. Please check  PITTCat to determine if your book is located at Falk Library. For more information about borrowing books, please see Borrowing HSLS Materials.

Borrow a Book Listed in PITTCat but Not Located at Falk Library

HSLS patrons may request that books available in other Pitt libraries be delivered to Falk Library for convenient borrowing. Please check PITTCat to determine if your book is located at a Pitt Library other than Falk Library. To request this service, please fill out the Document Delivery Form.

Books borrowed from Falk Library may be returned to any campus library; books borrowed from other Pitt libraries may be returned Falk Library.

Borrow a Book Not Available at Any Pitt Library

If you can't find a book in PITTCat, you may place a request with the HSLS Document Delivery Service. This service is only available to faculty, students and staff of the University of Pittsburgh schools of the health sciences.

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