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Nursing Portal: PubMed Quiz

PubMed #1

PubMed contains full-text articles

PubMed #1
True: 20 votes (47.62%)
False: 22 votes (52.38%)
Total Votes: 42

PubMed #2

Medical Subject Headings are terms chosen by authors to represent their article's topic(s)

PubMed #2
True: 8 votes (23.53%)
False: 26 votes (76.47%)
Total Votes: 34

PubMed #3

Which is the best translation of the phrase "obesity surgery"?

PubMed #3
"obesity surgery"[All Fields] OR (“obesity”[All Fields] AND “surgery”[All Fields]) OR “Obes Surg”[Journal]: 6 votes (18.18%)
“obesity surgery”[All Fields] OR (“obesity”[All Fields] AND “surgery”[All Fields] OR “bariatric surgery”[MeSH Terms]: 27 votes (81.82%)
Total Votes: 33

PubMed #4

Clicking on a publisher's link in a PubMed record will always take you to the electronic full-text article

PubMed #4
True: 1 votes (3.13%)
False: 31 votes (96.88%)
Total Votes: 32

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