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Research Impact: Altmetrics

What are altmetrics?

Recommended Books

Automate your Altmetrics with a dashboard!

NEW!! PlumX at Pitt: Meaningful impact metrics, providing both traditional metrics and Altmetrics.

Two places to find your Altmetrics at Pitt are:

1. Pitt's repository at D-Scholarship@Pitt. Open for searching. Enter Pitt credentials to deposit scholarly works. Both PlumX and Altmetric analyses are provided for published articles where the publisher supports.

2. Pitt's Faculty Information System (FIS) through Your complete list of publications should appear automatically. Look for the Altmetric Donut in publications supporting these tools. 

IF you have an ORCID iD and you have populated your ORCID account with citations, a personal Pitt PlumX account at can be set up using your Pitt Passport. Using the ORCID records, PlumX will prepare your analysis. Don't have an ORCID iD yet? Register now at Pitt's own portal,

PlumPrint: a visual indicator of impact can be embedded in associated paper.



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