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The Air We Breathe

Key to the Pennsylvania symbol

 This symbol indicates that the resource provides data only for Pennsylvania.

If there is no symbol, the resource provides data for all US states including Pennsylvania.

What do we mean, "other air emissions"?

Air pollution isn't just one thing. As a result, there are multiple regulations requiring data reporting to different arms of the EPA (or state and/or state environmental agencies).

EnviroFacts searches the ICIS-AIR (Integrated Compliance Information System) database, reported through AIRS/AFS. ICIS-AIR contains both emissions and compliance data on air pollution point sources regulated by the U.S. EPA and/or state and local air regulatory agencies. The data comes from facilities that hold National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, i.e. they are legally allowed to emit the pollutants based on their permits.

Other Air Emissions & Air Data


What other chemicals are released into the air?

It is difficult to determine all chemicals that are released into the air for several reasons:

  • Unplanned releases (accidents, for example) can't always be measured;
  • Unfixed leaks in pipes and equipment result in unmeasured releases;
  • Planned releases that are measured or estimated.

If you have not done so, be sure you go to the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) page (see below) for industrial releases to the air.

Pennsylvania Air Emissions Resources

Pennsylvania logo PA Department of Environmental Protection
Produced by: PA Department of Environmental Protection
Geographic coverage: Local level
Dates of coverage: Varies

Ambient Air Monitoring Data Reports
This site has static (i.e. not real time) AQI data but also includes weather measurements, including: 
AT = Ambient (Outside) Temperature (degrees Farenheit)
SR = Solar Radiation (watts per square meter) indicates amount of sunshine
SWS = Scalar Arithmetic Averaged Wind Speed (miles per hour)
VWS = Vector Averaged Wind Speed (miles per hour)
​VWD = Vector Averaged Wind Direction (compass degrees where 0=north, 90=east, 180=south, 270=west)