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HSLS Systematic Review Program

What is DistillerSR?

Web-based software developed by Evidence Partners

  • Allows you to upload database records, create screening/data extraction forms, and monitor the flow of documents through completion of the review

  • Available to Pitt health sciences faculty or UPMC residents/fellows actively collaborating with an HSLS librarian on a review project

Other Software Options

Rayyan QCRI*: free Web and mobile app

Colandr*: free, open-source, web-based evidence synthesis tool

PICO Portal*: free Web-based software for citation screening, full text review, data extraction and quality assessment

Excel Workbooks for Systematic Reviews: a series of workbooks designed by an HSLS librarian (for 1- and 2-person review projects)

Abstrackr and SRDR Plus*: free open-source software for reference screening, data extraction and data archiving

RevMan 5*: software freely available for academic use on non-Cochrane reviews

Systematic Review Toolbox: "a community-driven, searchable, web-based catalogue of tools that support various tasks within the systematic review and wider evidence synthesis process"


*HSLS does not license these products and cannot provide support for their use