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MolBio Licensed Tools: Correlation Engine

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About Correlation Engine (formerly NextBio Research)

BaseSpace Correlation Engine (formerly NextBio Research) applications support early-stage research to identify mechanisms of disease, drug targets, and prognostic or predictive biomarkers. Explore the continually growing library of curated genomic data. The easy-to-use, web-based tools mine this data and create billions of novel correlations.  The full Professional version of BaseSpace Correlation Engine offers a complete solution for data storage, analysis, and integration.

Gene Function Studies

  • Analyze gene function across more than 20,000 genomic studies in major disease areas.
  • Assess gene roles across different types of molecular data.
  • Understand gene activity across studies in human, model organisms and cell line models.

Drug and Disease Mechanisms

  • Analyze candidate molecules for pharmacokinetic profiles or toxicity indications.
  • Compare disease profiles across cohorts and different stages of disease. Assess pathways playing significant roles in disease development across multiple studies and data types.

Cross-Species Analysis

  • Use the cross-species analysis framework to optimize experimental systems to test mechanisms of disease progression or drug response.
  • Compare human data to experimental results from model organisms to understand biological context.

(from BaseSpace Correlation Engine)

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