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MolBio Licensed Tools: Lasergene

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  • Must have Pitt email address
  • Limited to on-campus computers
  • Runs on PC & Mac

Technical requirements

Software support

About Lasergene

HSLS licenses DNASTAR's molecular biology and structural biology suites, but not the genomics suite or Nova products.

Molecular Biology Suite


  • EditSeq
  • GeneQuest
  • GenVision
  • MegAlign
  • MegAlign Pro
  • PrimerSelect
  • SeqBuilder Pro
  • SeqMan Pro
  • SeqNinja


  • Cloning
  • Gene Discovery
  • Plasmid Auto-Annotation
  • Primer Design
  • Sanger Sequence Assembly
  • Sequence Alignment
  • Sequence Editing/Annotation

Structural Biology Suite


  • Protean 3D


  • Antibody Modeling
  • Epitope Prediction
  • Molecular Motion Visualization
  • Protein Docking
  • Protein Sequence Analysis
  • Protein Structural Analysis
  • Protein Structure Prediction
  • SNP to Structure Analysis
  • Structural Alignment




            (from Lasergene)


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