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How-To Talks by Postdocs: Series Info

A workshop series taught by Pitt postdocs, hosted by the medical library.

What are "How-To Talks by Postdocs"???

Greetings Postdocs!

Is your CV in dire need of teaching experience, but you don’t have the time or opportunity to teach an entire course?

Then this program is designed especially for you!


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The “How-To Talks by Postdocs” series provides a low-stakes, minimal time commitment opportunity for you to gain teaching experience for which you will receive constructive feedback, a letter of acknowledgement, and optional videotaping (see example of previous talks below) of your 1-hour (or less) “how-to” style session.

The particular topic you choose is entirely up to you and can be anything remotely related to biological sciences–see below for past talks and possible future topics. The lists include several suggestions that are broadly related to STEM, but you don’t need to be in biomedical or health sciences to participate.

CONTACT US to find out more information.

A Pitt partnership between the Health Sciences Library System & the Center for Postdoctoral Affairs in the Health Sciences, organized by the HSLS Coordinator of Basic Science Services, Carrie Iwema.

Current Schedule

The "How-To Talks by Postdocs" Series is scheduled for the spring semester of each year. 

Please CONTACT US if you are interested in participating in the next session.

Previous How-To Talks

(links go to YouTube videos)

Spring 2018

  • Can Learning Be Fun? ~ Melanie Grubisha
  • The Application of Mass Spectrometry in Biomedical Research ~ Pengcheng Wang
  • Gemstones from the Mud: technical overview of protein purification ~ Erdong Cheng
  • How to Create a Quality Scientific Poster ~ Itziar Pinilla Macua

Spring 2017

Spring 2016

Fall 2015

Spring 2015

Fall 2014

Spring 2014

  • UNIX for Biologists ~ Varsha Shridhar
  • How to Conduct a Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement ~ Jonathan Akins
  • How to Measure Protein Dynamics in Living Cells using Fluorescence Fluctuation Techniques ~ Robert Youker
  • CRISPR--A Novel, Pathbreaking, Easy-to-use Genome Editing Tool ~ Ankita Roy
  • Ethical Considerations for Scientific Image Manipulation ~ Emily Wickline
  • How to Analyze Protein Expression in Cell Culture & Tissue Specimens ~ Sandra Cascio
  • Managing Multiple Collaborations ~ Kathleen Salerno

Fall 2013

  • Visualizing Methylation Profiles on UCSC Genome Browser & Correlation of Methylation w/Expression Data ~ Varsha Shridhar
  • DNA/RNA Immunoprecipitation & Next Generation Sequencing ~ Teresa Liu
  • Choosing the Best 3D Matrix for Your Cell Culture Needs ~ Lisa Gurski
  • How to Prepare a CV (Grad Students & Postdocs) ~ Emily Wickline
  • How to Process Histology Images in Photoshop--The Basics ~ Tejas Tirodkar

Possible Topics

 How to...

  • be a good mentor
  • create a quality scientific poster
  • review an paper for publication in a journal
  • prepare for an interview
  • maintain work-life balance as a postdoc
  • use HPLC in your research (or any other technique)
  • interpret mass spec data (or IR, NMR, or any other technique)
  • handle cheating in the classroom
  • etc – get creative!

***Actively searching for instructors on any of these data-related topics:***

  • Python / R / SPSS / your choice
  • Julia Programming Language
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Cleaning
  • Cataloging / Managing Image Files
  • Depositing Data
  • Writing Data Management Plans
  • Sharing Your Data
  • Asking Others for Their Data

Articles & Presentations

HSLS Update Articles

Medical Library Association Annual Meeting Presentations

  • Gau, K., Dillon, P., Donaldson, T., & Iwema, C. L. Crafting a Mosaic: Partnerships Between Health Sciences Librarians, Postdocs, and More. (Lightning Talk) May 2016
  • Iwema, C. L., & Chattopadhyay, A. Partnering w/Postdocs: a library-hosted "how to" series taught by postdocs. May 2014

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