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Health Research Reporting Guidelines, Study Execution Manuals, Critical Appraisal, Risk of Bias, & Non-reporting Biases

What is meant by Quality of Evidence?

Assessment tools

GRADE (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development, and Evaluation)

Produced by: The GRADE Working Group
About: The Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (short GRADE) is a common, sensible and transparent approach to grading quality (or certainty) of evidence and strength of recommendations.

GRADE Handbook

  • The GRADE handbook describes the process of rating the quality of the best available evidence and developing health care recommendations following the approach proposed by the Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) Working Group (

QoE-SPEO: Quality of Evidence in Studies estimating Prevalence of Exposure to Occupational risk factors (Open access)

Development supported by: World Health Organization/International Labour Organization
About: "We present QoE-SPEO as an approach for assessing quality of evidence in prevalence studies of exposure to occupational risk factors.... While the approach requires further testing and development, it makes steps towards filling an identified gap, and progress made so far can be used to inform future work in this area."