What is ORCID?

ORCID is a non-profit organization that provides users with a free, persistent digital identifier that distinguishes them from every other researcher. This is a 16-digit number known as an Open Researcher and Contributor iD (ORCID iD), which is affiliated with a profile that individuals can build and edit. 

Your ORCID iD is the hub in the scholarly communication environment, ensuring interoperability between you and your publisher(s), employer institution(s), and funder(s).

Benefits of ORCID

Having an ORCID iD can:

  • Eliminate name ambiguity
  • Clearly identify your work and achievements throughout your career
  • Enhance discoverability of your work
  • Save time in filling out forms/documents
  • Allow you to meet funder and publisher requirements

ORCID Registration

Register for your free ORCID iD through ORICD @ Pitt. Don't forget to grant trusted status to the University of Pittsburgh!

Pitt is an institutional member of ORCID. Sharing your ORCID iD with Pitt allows the university to:

  • More easily highlight your scholarly output
  • Showcase the scholarly output of your department, school, or even the entire university
  • Populate local systems to support networking, collaboration, and reporting
  • Automate administrative reporting

Building Your ORCID Profile

Once you have registered for ORCID, you can now build your profile:

  1. Add any general information to your account, including a biography, employment history, education, and more.
  2. Add any scholarly works using one of the four methods ORCID presents. For publications, direct import is the recommended process, since it reduces errors and can allow for automated updating. Other work types that ORCID supports, including datasets, lectures, and conference posters, may have to be added manually.