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Tests and Measures

The books listed on this page are all available online and focus on psychometrics.


Here are some helpful articles defining common terms used in testing research:

Effective Writing & Presenting

Citation management software

There are several options when selecting citation management software. Two commonly used programs, EndNote and SciWheel (formerly f1000) are licensed by the University of Pittsburgh. Two other programs, Mendeley and Zotero are freely available.

HSLS LibGuide: Citation Managers

  • This HSLS LibGuide describes and compares the various citation managers available to you.
  • Download EndNote from MyPitt Software Download 
    • Be sure you download the most current EndNote version for your PC or Mac. You must be a member of the University of Pittsburgh community with a valid MyPitt login to download EndNote.


  • SciWheel is a cloud-based citation management and collaborative editing resource.

HSLS List of Class Offerings 

  • We offer a variety of classes on many topics, including: Citation management; Data science; Instructional and Visual Design; and Molecular Biology.

APA Style

APA Style is about more than what your in-text and end-of-paper citations look like. The Style Manual covers tables, gender-neutral language, ethical reporting, how to write up different kinds of studies, manuscript structure, and much more. Very handy guide to writing!