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Virtual Reality at HSLS: Home

Falk Library is pleased to provide a new way to connect our Pitt health sciences community with simulations and applications utilizing cutting-edge VR technology. Available programs include study aids for Health Sciences students, along with simpler scenarios for those who are interested in trying out virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Equipment at HSLS

Currently, the library has two VR stations consisting of graphically enhanced computers running Windows Mixed Reality. Each station features a Lenovo Explorer headset and handheld controllers. To use, borrow the equipment from the Technology Help Desk.

Using the Equipment Safely and Comfortably

‚ÄčTo ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience, there's a few things you should remember:

  • You can only see screen images when the headset visor is folded down
  • Fold the visor up at any time to take a break or rest your eyes
  • Take breaks often -- a 10 minute break for every 30 minutes of playtime is recommended
  • Clean the headset and controllers with the provided wipes before and after each use

Additional information:

Windows Mixed Reality guide to health, safety, and comfort

Student visualizes molecules using VR controllers and wearing a headset

Available Software

Available VR apps include both medical-based training programs and simpler experiences that introduce users to VR:

Wyzlink: an immersive mixed reality medical simulation program meant to provide training for medical professionals

3D Organon VR Anatomy: a virtual reality anatomy atlas that lets you explore bones, muscles, organs, and more

MedicalHolodeck: allows you to view files from MRI- and CT-scans in 3D virtual reality

English Teaching Assistant: chat with a simulated English tutor

The Lab: try out a variety of simulations to get acquainted with VR

Nutrients for Life: a short game about crop nutrients

Google Earth VR: explore the world in virtual reality

YouTube VR: watch videos in 360 degrees

Wyzlink Immersive Medical App

3D Organon VR Anatomy App

MedicalHolodeck App

The Lab App

Borrowing Policies

A valid Pitt ID is required to borrow the virtual reality equipment (gold cards excluded).

Virtual reality equipment may be borrowed for a four hour loan period.

Patrons are responsible for the condition and full return of borrowed equipment. Equipment that is not returned, stolen, or damaged will be subject to item replacement fees.


To borrow the Virtual Reality equipment, please visit the Technology Help Desk on Falk Library's Upper Floor.


Questions? Stop by the desk or contact us.

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