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Web of Science Researcher Profiles


Managing your Web of Science (WoS) Researcher Profile can increase the visibility of your research. Use the researcher profile to:

  • Display your publications
  • Add peer review contributions
  • Create CVs
  • Showcase your research impact with citation metrics
  • Generate citation maps

This guide will demonstrate how to find your researcher profile and add publications to it with an ORCID iD.

What is WoS?

WoS is a multidisciplinary database that includes literature from the health sciences, social sciences, art and humanities, and other disciplines. It also includes research metrics such as article citation count, h-index, and the journal impact factor.

Researcher Profiles

WoS automatically creates researcher profiles for authors who have publications that appear in the database. These profiles can be claimed and managed so that you have control over what appears in your profile. Anyone can view your profile, although users who do not have a WoS subscription won't be able to view features such as Author Impact Beamplots, author position analysis, and top co-authors.