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Open Scholarship and Research Impact Challenge


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Welcome to the Open Scholarship and Research Impact Challenge! These asynchronous, self-paced learning modules on Canvas include a wide range of opportunities and activities that will give you the practical tools to make your research more accessible and impactful, more reproducible, more connected to the public welfare, and more in line with your personal values.

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Who are these learning modules for?

These modules were designed to fit the busy schedules of anyone at the University of Pittsburgh who creates scholarly works, including publications, data, protocols, etc. Whether you're just beginning your academic journey or are an experienced researcher, there is something here for you to learn!

 You can complete any that are of interest to you, in any order. Each module can be completed in an hour or less:

  • Publishing Open Access  
  • Sharing Scholarship 
  • Sharing Data and Code   
  • Sharing Scholarship Best Practices 
  • Optimizing Your ORCiD Profile 
  • Communicating Scholarly Impact 

How can I earn a badge?

If you'd like to earn a badge for a module, you must:

  • Visit all the pages in the module
  • Earn all points on all quizzes and assignments in the module

Once you have completed these requirements, your badge will be issued automatically (it may take a few days). If you would like to learn how to use your badge, see this Canvas Badges Quick Start Guide for how to share your badge on social media, LinkedIn, websites, and more.

Upon completing these learning modules, you should be able to:

  • Describe how open scholarship benefits authors, the scientific community, and the public. 
  • Identify where to share your scholarly works and upload them using best practices. 
  • Manage your scholarly works with ORCiD. 
  • Communicate your work's impact to different audiences using various relevant indicators and tools. 

Meet Your Instructors


  • Name: Stephen Gabrielson
  • Job title: Scholarly Communication Librarian
  • Library: Health Sciences Library System
  • Email:
  • Modules: Publishing Open Access, Sharing Scholarship, Optimizing Your ORCiD Profile, Communicating Scholarly Impact 


  • Name: Aimee S. Jenkins
  • Job title: Lead Librarian for Bibliometrics
  • Library: University Library System 
  • Email:
  • Modules: Optimizing Your ORCiD Profile, Communicating Scholarly Impact


  • Name: Melissa Ratajeski
  • Job title: Assistant Director for Data and Publishing Services
  • Library: Health Sciences Library System
  • Email:
  • Modules: Sharing Data and Code   


Other authors who have contributed to this course:

  • Lauren B. Collister (Publishing Open Access module and the "Definitions" page in this Welcome module)
  • Dominic Bordelon (Sharing Data & Code module)
  • Helenmary Sheridan (Publishing Open Access, Sharing Scholarship, Sharing Data and Code, and Sharing Scholarship Best Practices modules)