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HSLS Systematic Review Program

Working with the HSLS SR Program

How HSLS Librarians Can Help

Assistance during the development stage

  • Find existing systematic reviews on your topic

  • Recommend literature databases and grey literature sources

  • Develop search-related sections of the protocol

  • Provide recommendations on management of references

Searching expertise

  • Construct the primary literature search and translating it for use in additional databases

  • Find and use validated methodology filters

  • Save searches so they are available for updating search results


  • Save and document search strings and search strategies in accordance with PRISMA Standards

Acquisition of full text articles

  • Provide advice and guidance on accessing full text resources in University of Pittsburgh library collections

  • Advise on use of HSLS Document Delivery to obtain items not available from university collections

Inclusion as co-author on project publications

  • Planning and creating comprehensive search strategies constitutes a scholarly contribution

  • Assist in manuscript preparation, including development of sections on information sources and final search strategies

  • Provide input and recommendations on journal choice and drafts of papers and abstracts

Request Assistance with a Systematic Review

Complete this form. You will receive a response within 3 (three) business days.