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Data Management

Statistical Services on Campus

HSLS receives several inquiries each semester related to statistics training. Although we do not have a statistician on staff, we are in contact with groups on campus that offer statistical consulting services to the Pitt health sciences community. If you are looking for consultations or training on statistical methods and study design, the resources below may be helpful.

Please note: most of these groups have a waitlist for services. Contact your chosen center early to have the best chance of meeting your deadlines. This list was last verified as correct on 2024-04-12.

  • Organization: Biostatistics, Epidemiology, & Research Design (BERD) Core
    What do they do: Offers statistical and study design consultations, workshop-based/one-on-one trainings, and in-person or virtual office hours on Fridays noon-1pm (appointment required)
    Who can use their services: All University of Pittsburgh researchers, including faculty, fellows, and medical students; medical residents working closely with a Pitt faculty member can receive indirect support. Junior investigators receive priority.
    Is there a cost?: No cost for up to ten hours of support per project; support beyond 10 hours per project can be discussed based on availability.
    Contact: Submit a contact request through the CTSI Research Requests + Service Tracking Portal. To attend Friday office hours (noon-1pm, online or in-person in Forbes Tower), please submit a request at least one day in advance.

  • Organization: Center for Biostatistics and Qualitative Methodology (CBQM)
    What do they do: Both advises on and conducts statistical analyses, specifically: study design; development and calculation of sample size and power estimates; and development and execution of statistical analysis plans.
    Who can use their services: All University of Pittsburgh researchers, including faculty, staff, and trainees.
    Is there a cost?: Yes, $83/hour for MS-level biostatisticians and $197/hour for PhD-level.
    Contact: CBQM via website contact form

  • Organization: Department of Biostatistics Consulting
    What do they do: Department of Biostatistics graduate students offer statistical advice and consulting under faculty supervision. Consultants may also perform statistical analyses, but should be offered appropriate co-authorship. They will not perform analyses for class assignments (including theses/dissertations) or power analyses for grant proposals.
    Who can use their services: All University of Pittsburgh affiliates.
    Is there a cost?: No, there is no fee for service or time/hour limits.
    Contact: Dr. Reena Cecchini,

  • Organization: Department of Statistics, Statistics Consulting Center
    What do they do: Offers statistics consulting provided by department graduate students under faculty supervision. Consulting is available for research projects, theses/dissertations, and proposals.
    Who can use their services: Any University of Pittsburgh researcher, including faculty, staff, graduate students, and UPMC residents/fellows.
    Is there a cost?: No, but projects are matched with consultants based on availability and student interest, so please provide a description of the project and estimated scope when contacting the center.
    Contact: Statistics Consulting Center,

Classes at HSLS

The Health Sciences Library System does not have a dedicated statistics or data analysis curriculum, but we offer related classes such as programming in R. These workshops are free for University of Pittsburgh affiliates, but require registration to attend. For classes with an attendance cap, priority may go to registrants in the health sciences.

Self-Education and Not-for-Credit Learning Resources