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Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Beginner Tutorials

A variety of Photoshop tutorials provided by Adobe introduce features of the program or walk you through an example. A selection of beginner-level tutorials let you become familiar with the interface and how to open and save a file. Image size, including the dimensions and resolution of your image, are also important to understand. These tutorials let you practice using common features such as layers, selections, color, text, and shapes.

It is recommended that you follow along in Photoshop while watching the tutorial videos. When available, use the "Download sample files" button, and save the .zip file to your computer.

Introductory Courses

Pitt users have free access to the LinkedIn Learning portal to view video tutorials and work with example files, as well as complete full introductory courses. These are appropriate for beginners, but go beyond the very basics and cover topics and skillsets up to an intermediate level. Courses are lengthy - your progress is saved automatically, and you can skip through lessons as needed. If you are motivated to fully explore a course, a certificate is available upon completion.

Note: these links will prompt you for your University of Pittsburgh login unless you are already logged in through Pitt Passport.

Using Photoshop in the Health Sciences

Although Photoshop is graphic design software, it is used universally as an industry standard for image editing in all fields. The way you use Photoshop in your research or academics can vary significantly from someone in another field or role. These links are a collection of Photoshop topics that can be applied to those in health sciences fields.