Getting Zotero

Why Zotero?

Zotero is free to use, meaning that you will be able to continue to use it if you leave Pitt, and you can collaborate with people at institutions that may not provide EndNote or another paid citation manager. Zotero is also open source and developed by a nonprofit organization. 

How do I get Zotero?

Zotero is free to download for Windows, Mac, or Linux at You can also create a free Zotero account in order to sync your desktop library with a web version. This makes it easy to access all your references if you need to use a different computer, and it also allows you to create group libraries if you want to collaborate with others.

When you are downloading Zotero to your computer, you may want to install the Zotero Connector in your web browser of choice so that you can save references to your library with a single click

How much storage do I have?

The storage on Zotero's free plan is limited to 300MB, but you can pay for additional storage. Alternatively, using a plug-in such as ZotFile allows you to store PDFs separately from your Zotero library while still linking them to their references. We have a step-by-step guide to setting up ZotFile.

Learn Zotero

This guide should help you get started with Zotero, but we always recommend attending HSLS's Introduction to Zotero class if possible. This class will cover the basics of using Zotero to import, organize, and cite your references.

In addition to this guide, provides detailed documentation on how to use the tool.