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MolBio Licensed Tools: KPA

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About Key Pathway Advisor (KPA)

Key Pathway Advisor (KPA) is a one-click user-friendly workflow tool that lets you quickly upload and get a comprehensive interpretation of gene expression data.  It provides simplified gene expression data uploading, workflow of systems biology analysis tools (including a Causal Reasoning approach that reconstructs pathological causes of differential gene expression on the basis of MetaCore molecular interactions), and comprehensive reports with key molecular pathways, promising biomarkers, and drug targets – all using MetaCore content.  


  • Find the biological meaning of your data with a drag-and-drop wizard.

  • Predict key molecules in your data that may be causative for the changes observed (causal reasoning network analysis).

  • Align your data with current drug target and biomarker knowledge.
  • Download results in several formats for further analysis or sharing.


  • Discovery biologists, including those without bioinformatics experience

    • Easily submit your data and generate an automatic comprehensive analysis even if you have no bioinformatics experience

    • Combine gene expression and gene variant data

    • Get a better understanding of aberrant signal transduction using detailed pathway maps with differentially expressed genes and Key Hubs highlighted

    • Learn the biology of the disease you are working

  • Bioinformaticians

    • Provide advanced causal reasoning and synergy pathway analyses to identify possible disease-driving molecules and aberrant signal transduction pathways

    • Analyze connections between expression, gene variant, and predicted Key Hubs using a detailed XLS report

    • Share analysis results with biologist colleagues using a PDF report with pathway images and descriptions

  • Pre-clinical scientists

    • Find novel biomarker and drug target candidates

    • Identify drug response molecular changes and their signal transduction effect

  • Translational researchers

    • Connect experimental research and clinical studies for insights

    • Study detailed candidate disease drivers, biomarkers, and target relations, as well as their effect on signal transduction pathways

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