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HSLS MolBio Available Software

Bioinformatics software available to Pitt researchers.

About Partek Flow

Partek Flow is a start-to-finish software analysis solution for next generation sequencing data applications. It has an easy-to-use interface, robust statistical algorithms, information-rich visualizations, and cutting edge genomic tools enabling researchers of all skill levels to confidently perform data analysis.

  • All the tools you need to quickly go from raw data files to meaningful results within a single solution
  • Enter the pipeline where it makes sense for you; raw data, aligned reads, count data, or normalized counts
  • Explore data with interactive, customizable, and publication ready  visualizations

Single Cell Analysis - Identifying Cell Populations

  • QA/QC of the single cell data
  • Filtering and normalization
  • Data visualization by t-SNE
  • Detection of cell populations by K-means clustering
  • Characterization of cells by expression of marker genes

Registration & Access Info

Register here

  • Must have Pitt email address
  • Limited to on-campus computers
  • Runs on PC & Mac & Linux

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