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HPM 2037: Professional and Academic Writing in Public Health: Databases

All materials in this LibGuide are related to the Spring 2015 HPM 2037 class, and will assist you in the writing of your master's essay in the future.

Library Catalogs and Federated Search Tools

Catalogs let you know what items we own.  Federated search tools let you search across many databases at once.

PittCat from HSLS

Search PITTCat, the online catalog, to find materials owned by any U of Pitt library, in print or electronic format.  PittCat will tell you if we own an item, but does not give much detail on the content, such as individual journal articles within a journal we own.

PittCat+ from ULS

Search PittCat+ to quickly search against multiple databases of full text journal articles and books owned by U of Pitt libraries. 

Pitt Resources Quick Search

Use the search box in the middle of the page to search PITTCat, the online catalog; PubMed, or the full text of ebooks licensed by HSLS

Suggested Databases for HPM

Access these databases from the HSLS homepage Resources List:


Primarily used to find journal articles on biomedical, health, and health administration topics.  Produced by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) which is part of NIH, the database is free to anyone.  There are links to full text articles, access to the articles varies depending on  your library's journals subscriptions.


Use as an alternative to PubMed if you like a more obviously structured search interface, or if you need to use adjacency operators. Access from the OVID link on the HSLS homepage. 


Use to find all types of psychology literature from journals, books, and dissertations.  Access from the OVID link on the HSLS homepage. 

Access these databases from the HSLS Databases A to Z list:


Use to find nursing and allied health literature

Google Scholar

Google's tool for limiting retrieval to items from scholarly sources on the Internet.  Useful for finding multidisciplinary topics, and when you want the results organized by relevancy to your search.  Accessing it from the HSLS page will make it easier to get to the full text articles online that we subscribe to.


Scopus covers life sciences, health sciences, social sciences, and physical sciences literature.  This makes it great for finding articles on health policy and management.  Also useful for finding out who has cited a paper.

These links go to Guides from the University Library System (ULS) on topics of interest to HPM.  Each Guide lists multiple databases that include content on their topic.


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