About MetaCore

Successful drug development requires a fundamental understanding of a drug’s impact on a disease at the molecular level. MetaCore provides the core capabilities of precise pathway analysis, knowledge mining, simple bioinformatics and effective visualizations in a comprehensive, off-the-shelf package. Use high-quality, 100% manually curated biological pathway data from peer-reviewed literature to accelerate drug development by rapidly generating and validating hypotheses for novel biomarkers, targets and mechanisms of action. 


  • Access high-quality biological systems content, including molecular interactions and pathways, gene-disease associations, chemical metabolism, and toxicity information.
  • Trust MetaCore data, which has industry-leading accuracy, reliability and comprehensiveness; has been manually curated by PhD- and MD-level research professionals; and has been validated by an independent study published in Biology Direct.
  • Explore biological, chemical and disease context for biological topics of interest using the data-mining capabilities and links to source documents.
  • Conduct enrichment analysis using the 14 available ontologies, including pathways and GO ontologies.
  • Connect your data and identify putative pathways and transcription factors using the 11 available molecular network analysis algorithms.
  • Perform functional analysis of next-generation sequencing, gene expression, CNV, metabolic, proteomics, microRNA, and screening data using the integrated software suite.

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