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Tests and Measures

The books listed on this page are all available online and focus on psychometrics.

Objective of this LibGuide

This guide was designed to help you work as efficiently as possible when trying to find, select, and review tests and measures.

We know it's not sexy but....

Look at the page on copyright and tests



Tests and measures are standardized instruments (questionnaires, inventories or scales) used to evaluate individuals, populations, or processes. Tests and measures can be published or unpublished. There are many ways to locate information about tests, but sometimes the tests themselves are hard to find! Throughout this site, we have provided you with ways to find information and, whenever possible, ways to view the tests.

Test Advice from the American Psychological Association

Finding the Right Tools 

Produced by: The American Psychological Association
About: Guidance for the student researcher on what to look for in a measurement instrument
Comments: This provides excellent commentary for student researchers looking for the right test to use. The article is a little older, though, and they rely ONLY on the Buros Center (publisher of a test review series and Tests in Print).

  • The information down to and including Befriend your librarian (which is definitely the best advice on the page!) is spot on.
    • The information in that section, though, is a little misleading.
  • The rest of the article from Do some quality control to the end are, again spot on.

Thanks to Hillman Library

This guide includes content adapted with permission from the University Library System, University of Pittsburgh.