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Tests and Measures : Finding Tests & Test Reviews

The books listed on this page are all available online and focus on psychometrics.

Databases for Identifying Tests

Below is a list of licensed databases (i.e. you have to be part of Pitt to gain access) that are useful for identifying tests/measures. We've included some very useful search hints for PsycINFO directly below this box.

Primer on Searching PsycINFO


Enter a simple search term, then choose Test and measure -- TM in the drop down box. This will find articles ABOUT tests/measures, but won't necessarily include the tests themselves. 

So you aren't left hanging, here is one more trick! Add the term: appended

in the 2nd search box. Select Abstract -- AB in the drop down box.

Adding the word "appended" to the search in the Abstract field results in returning ONLY those results in which tests have been appended to article or book/book chapter.

Appended scales for anxiety disorders


Freely available resources to find tests

PsycINFO LibGuide

ProQuest has designed a LibGuide on how to use the PsycINFO database. It contains some useful information, along with search tips and examples, sample searches, screencasts, and training videos to help you get the most out of your search experience.

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