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The Air We Breathe: Air Quality Index (AQI) Data

What is the Air Quality Index? What are the general health effects?


The Air Quality Index or AQI is a set of measures for 5 air pollutants.

Additional information can be found at the EPA's site, Air Quality Index-- a Guide to Air Quality and Your Health.


The chart on the left is from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.


Ozone (1st major component of smog)


Sulfur dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide

Carbon monoxide

Particulate matter (2nd major component of smog)

  • Health & environmental effects
  • PM10: inhalable particles 10 micrometers or less in size
  • PM2.5: fine inhalable particles 2.5 micrometers or less in size


Air Quality Monitoring Stations can be found all around the country. You can map the monitoring stations for each AQI pollutant in your community.

Air Quality Index (AQI) today & tomorrow

The  PA Department of Environmental Protection provides data on Air Quality Index as well:

  • View today's AQI by region
Northwest PA Southwest PA Central PA
Northeast PA Southeast PA  

Summary reports with historical data


Air Quality Index (AQI) historical data

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