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HSLS MolBio Workshops

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Register here to join us for our premiere Python Bootcamp Week, offering a comprehensive dive into Python programming. Mirroring the approach of its R counterpart, the bootcamp unfolds through a sequence of dedicated sessions that encompass the full data analysis workflow. This includes importing and cleaning data, moving on to complex data manipulation, and employing advanced visualization techniques with the pandas and seaborn libraries. Below, you'll find a detailed description of each session: 


  • Workshop 1: In "Introduction to Python, Anaconda Navigator, and Jupyter Notebook," you'll familiarize yourself with the Anaconda Navigator interface and learn to create integrated Juptyter notebook documents. 

  • Workshop 2: "Data Centric Python with pandas" delves into Python's diverse data structures and unveils the analytical might of the pandas library, enhancing your data analysis skills. 

  • Workshop 3: Advance your skills in "Data Exploration in Python with pandas and seaborn," focusing on data summarization and the art of visualization with seaborn. 

  • Workshop 4: Complete your bootcamp with "Data Wrangling in Python with pandas," mastering sophisticated data manipulation and cleaning techniques to tackle more complex data challenges. 


Each workshop builds on the last, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and practical application of Python for data analysis.


By the end of this workshop, learners should be able to:  

  • Use Anaconda Navigator to create Jupyter Notebook documents that combine Python code with output and text 

  • Use Python to import and examine data 

  • Produce numerical and graphical summaries of a data set and its variables 

  • Perform basic data cleaning and management with Python 


Target Audience

The target audience for this workshop series is beginners and intermediates in data science, particularly those interested in learning Python programming for data importation, exploration, cleaning, and visualization.


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