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HSLS MolBio Workshops

Information & resources for hands-on bioinformatics classes.


This workshop will cover the creating visualization of data using the ggplot2 package in R. Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • create various graphical summaries of data
  • describe the “grammar” of ggplot2 functions
  • build custom visualizations with ggplot2


Target Audience

R users with a working understanding of R basics seeking more advanced skills for using R for data analysis and graphics.

Prior to taking this course participants should be able to:

  • identify components of R interface,
  • perform simple calculations in R,
  • identify and compare data types in R,
  • use existing functions in R,
  • write simple functions in R, and
  • load external packages in R.

Workshop Materials

Lecture Material

R Exercise Files

  • Data Viz Practice Exercise - R commands used to create the figures in the slidespractice exercises for students; plots for students to try to replicate

Software Registration


Jenna C Carlson, PhD

Assistant Professor, Biostatistics

Assistant Professor, Human Genetics


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